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Security Certificates

Novem provide security certificates and secure documents print solutions including custom cheques, educational certificates, personalised hlograms, ID cards,vouchers,permits,bills of lading and brand protection certificates. 

Novem have the most comprehensive range of security features available to provide client specific, innovative and technological solutions to combat forgery and counterfeiting.

Papier Sécurisé

Security paper are used for security and brand protection process. Novem are focus on preserving authentic features ensures. customed security paper guarantee maximal protection against manipulation and reproduction of securities. Security paper are embedded with a myriad of sophisticated security features, such as watermarks, security threads, fibers, that defy duplication and are a highly effective visual means of combating duplication fraud. 

Papier A4 Anti-copy

Novem are skiled in the security design, Novem are professional on the security design, origination and manufacture of complex, custom-made pattern and have the experience to apply your custom-made pattern to anti-copy design on all types of security paper, security sticker, cards and packaging.

NOVEM SOLUTION ( ANTI-COPIE) --- A West Africa leading supplier of anti-counterfeiting technology products.

QR Code Verification

QR code verify and QR code verification are variable QR code like the identity card number. It's independent. Using network links and database comparison, simple and quickly inspection of the original product.

Security Hologram Seals

Novem create hologram security solutions that protect your assets and reputation. We supply custom hologram stickers and holographic labels and specialise in tailored holographic printing solutions. Using advanced holographic technology, Novem holograms are developed, designed, manufactured and applied specifically to address your security concerns.

Security Thread With Invisible UV

With high technical complexity variable security thread design, Novem combinations of different functions: Optically Variable(OVI) security thread, 3D holograhic security thread, Invisible UV fluorescence security thread, and magnetic security thread. 

A scalable product range is available for any security requirement.