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To navigate a complex world, you need a guide with the knowledge of the map and the experience of the terrain you face for both are critical to any tough journey.

Energy, Sustainability, & Infrastructure

NOVEM Business, Sustainability, and Infrastructure professionals collaborate globally with utilities and energy providers, investors and large corporations, NGOs and the public sector to create sustainable, resilient communities and infrastructure. Learn more about how we empower clients to tackle their most difficult challenges.

We rely on a proven business strategy, as well as decades of functional and technical expertise, to guide clients from project design to implementation.

Our experts have the ability to bring together experts in wholesale markets, utility planning, transmission, and regulatory support to ensure client needs are met holistically.

Digital Government

Using data and technology to help deliver efficient public services that meet citizens’ expectations is a priority for governments everywhere. Our teams advise public sector clients on a range of digital projects from small improvements to large-scale transformations.

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Project financing

Funding of long-term projects, such as public infrastructure or services, industrial projects, and others through a specific financial structure. Finances can consist of a mix of debt and equity. The cash flows from the project enable servicing of the debt and repayment of debt and equity.

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